A Happy kid

Founder’s note:

Parenting is an incredible experience.

It comes with a “YOU ARE INCHARGE” badge written in neon and bold, right off the bat! – when you are silently begging for sleep, help, and some adult conversation – while loving crazy like never before.

Our tagline is “Raising Parents, Raising Children”.

Why? Because, parenting is never about raising children alone. We must first raise ourselves as parents.

We raise confident kids when we do not overlook self-care. We become aware of our children’s needs when we are fulfilled in our roles. We raise independent children by demonstrating independent thought and action. We raise curious children by reaching out to the world. We raise empathetic children when we feel secure in the connections we make. We raise fearless kids when we are unafraid to try new things.

The research is clear: Our mindset as a parent impacts how we perceive the child and their challenges. Our own success, our child’s success, and even the quality of family life are determined by the approach we take to parenting. Our interactions with them set a precedent for how they interact with the world around them, but most importantly with themselves. Parenting is instinctual, but it is also possible to equip ourselves with the proper insights, tools, and strategies that can skyrocket your effectiveness as a parent for the few precious years that you can shape your child.

Kidskintha began as a journal of my daily conversations with my girls. Their spontaneous quips would make me pause and think. Or just crack me up! Or let me into their joys and fears! As I wrote about our everyday conversations, I saw a lot of fellow parents enjoying them just as much as I did!

As our circles expanded, we soon realized that children are an entire science by themselves. There is no denying that we would never willingly want to harm our children, but many adults end up doing just that- albeit unwittingly.  We began putting out research insights in small, digestible bites to help the people that actually work with children the most- parents and teachers.

Today, Kidskintha works with diverse experts, companies, and organizations across the education and services sector to bring helpful and relevant resources to our readers.

We aim to publish high-quality content which is informative, inspiring, and challenges the status quo.

We welcome strong voices, willing to share their knowledge, expertise, and experiences.

If you are an educator, a parent, an entrepreneur, or anybody that works with or for children, Welcome to the tribe!