A Happy kid

Founder’s note:

Kidskintha began as a journal of my daily conversations with my girls. Their spontaneous quips would  make me pause and think. Or just crack me up! Or let me into their fears! As I wrote about our everyday conversations, I saw a lot of fellow parents enjoying them just as much as I did!

Today, Kidskintha works with diverse experts, companies, and organizations across the education and services sector to bring helpful and relevant resources to our readers. If you are an educator, a parent, an entrepreneur or anybody that works with or for children, Welcome to the tribe!

Kidskintha is a name adapted from a garden of joy and abandon called Kishkindha mentioned in the Hindu Epic Ramayana where a small, but significant milestone in the hero’s journey was celebrated by his followers. Kishkindha was a garden that signifies joy, trust, and abandon.  Kidskintha is similar in a way that encourages celebrating every milestone of our journey with our children.