Kidskintha began as a journal of my daily conversations with my girls. Their spontaneous quips would  make me pause and think. Or just crack me up! Or let me into their fears!

Today, Kidskintha works with diverse experts, companies, and organizations across the global education and services sector to bring helpful and relevant resources to our readers.

We aim to publish high-quality content that is informative, inspiring, contentious, and those which challenge the status quo.

We welcome strong voices, willing to share their knowledge, expertise, and experiences.

If you are an educator, a parent, an entrepreneur, or anybody that works with or for children, Welcome to the tribe!

Our Crew

Dr. Rod Berger


Dr. Rod Berger is an education and health care industry strategist having covered thought leadership for Forbes, Scholastic, The Huffington Post, AmericanEdTV and edCircuit. Dr. Berger serves as a Strategic Advisor to the Refugee & Migrant Education Network and EduLuk  (Sambhav Softtech Pvt Ltd) in India. Dr. Berger is an adept educationist and has interacted with the likes of Sir Ken Robinson, Former USDOE Secretary Arne Duncan along with over 500 global education influencers.

Ramanan SV


Ramanan Subramani is a dad and a technology evangelist with over 2 decades of experience in consumer experience and marketing. He brings his expertise as an advertising and marketing professional to the Kidskintha team and guides its vision.

Devishobha R


Devishobha is the founder & chief editor of Kidskintha. She lends her voice to several major publications like the Huffpost, Entrepreneur, Tiny Buddha, LifeHack, Access & Equity Magazine, Addicted2Success, and more. She is also the Vice-President of Early Childhood Association, India, and a facilitator for the UNESCO Futures of Education initiative in India.