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30 minutes a day. That is all you need to pivot from the cycle of outrage politics (as I call it) and media hyperbole. When every […]
Veterinarian Dr. Ruth MacPete

Veterinarian Dr. Ruth MacPete Releases New Children’s Book ‘Lisette The Vet’

'Lisette The Vet' is perfect for kids and pet lovers and is especially good for kids who are aspiring towards a profession as a veterinarian.

Bilingual Storytelling by BloSSom: Interview with Founder Bill Tan

Bilingual Storytelling by BloSSOM is powered by research in childhood bilingual literacy. This e-book app helps a new generation easily pick up a global language thanks to donors who wish to see better bilingual children’s books than the ones that simply place two translations side-by-side.
Scribblitt lets children write and publish their own story.

Scribblitt: Where Stories From Children Are Not Forgotten As Dream Stuff

While writing and publishing a book is still a dream for many well-accomplished adults, one woman has made it incredibly easy even for children to put their imagination out into the world.