Hoffman Academy

Hoffman Academy Offers “Summer Fun Piano Passport”

Hoffman Academy is a music school that has found a way to make summer more exciting for kids by helping them find their inner Mozart.
Rainbow Rock Band

Rainbow Rock Band Releases Album “Total Eclipse of the Rainbow”

Rainbow Rock Band hails from the DC metro area kids' music scene and have been presented with a Parents' Choice Award.

Raffi Releases “Dog on the Floor”

Beloved children's entertainer Raffi has announced that he will release his new album, “Dog on the Floor” on July 27. The fifteen-song album (his 25th release) embodies the qualities of fun, imagination and learning that have always animated Raffi's songs.
The Green Orbs

The Green Orbs Releases “Thumb Wrestling Champions” Album

The Green Orbs is a musical band for families that is set to release a new album titled “Thumb Wrestling Champions” on September 7, 2018.
Animal Farm

Animal Farm Band Releases “We Are One” Album

The message of Animal Farm is all about bringing people together through, like Aesop's Fables, the use of animal characters.