My Tiny Twilight

My Tiny Twilight: Interview with singer and songwriter Dawn Landes

Dawn Landes is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter whose latest album, “My Tiny Twilight,” is due to be released on May 10, 2019.
Joanie Leeds

Musical Artist Joanie Leeds Debuts Clearwater Festival

Award-winning kids' musician Joanie Leeds is thrilled to announce her Clearwater Festival which is commencing of June this year!
Can You Feel It?

Can You Feel It?: Interview with singer Jessa Campbell

"Can You Feel It?" is a new album by singer Jessa Campbell which is good for kids--and their families--and will be out on June 7th.

Earworm: Interview with musical artist Sean McCollough

“Earmworm” is the latest album by musical artist Sean McCollough who is also a radio host on WDVX in the state of Tennessee.
Love is Te Quiero

Love is Te Quiero: Interview with Alina Celeste

Alina Celeste is a Parent’s Choice Award winning musical artist. Her third album for kids and families is a joyful, melodious expression of her Cuban-American heritage titled Love is Te Quiero.