Group of kids

Conformity: What are we subconsciously teaching our kids?

More and more teens and adults are decidedly feeling unhappy because they are eternally on autopilot trying to field the world’s expectations on them. Some of us meet those expectations only to realize that it failed to give us the fulfillment we sought within ourselves; some of us burnout mid-way trying to fulfill them; some of us realize that there has to be another way to find what we truly seek


My daddy strongest

My Daddy strongest

Sunday afternoon had Ananya pondering over some serious things…

Like world’s miseries- hunger, poverty, extinction, terrorism…

Anan( with a purposeful knit of her brow): There is only one way to solve this.

Me( Impressed and curious):  Really? Tell me how?

Anan: Make Appa the President of the world!!!!

Oh! Daughters and their Supermen Daddies!!! It’s always ” My Daddy Strongest” for them.