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One World School: An Achievable Dream For Generation Alpha?

This article is the third in the series of submissions received for the Futures Of Education (FoE), a UNESCO initiative in partnership with Kidskintha.  Generation z and generation alpha are witnessing the most rapid technological, social, political and cultural changes. For them ‘vasudaivam kutumbakam’ (world is is my family)  is a reality. They are growing [...]

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Lisa Pieper

I cannot thank you enough for supplying these talks. I am a special education teacher, PreK-6th grade, in Montana, USA. I am so grateful to have instruction and insight from so many experts available to me. Thank you also for providing the links for follow-up questions and diving deeper into their areas of expertise. This summit will make a difference in the way I approach
assessment, instruction, and intervention in my classroom, as well as how I collaborate with my general education colleagues and parents. All that and I am only halfway through day 1!

Kidskintha Summit Participant

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