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This Award-winning musician is bringing the real Montessori Philosophy of Education back!

Indian moms often hear this piece of advice when they are expecting- stay healthy, mentally and physically.  We hear grandmothers persuading us to hear soft music to calm us down and say prayers by our bedside.  Most of us welcome  and even savour the special attention, but few of us realise that that piece of [...]

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My Child…

My Child My child isn't my easel to paint, Nor my diamond to polish! My child isn't my trophy to flaunt, Nor my dummy to taunt! My child isn't my badge or my honour, Nor my respect that he/she must protect! My child isn't an idea or a fantasy, Nor my reflection or legacy! My [...]

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Lisa Pieper

I cannot thank you enough for supplying these talks. I am a special education teacher, PreK-6th grade, in Montana, USA. I am so grateful to have instruction and insight from so many experts available to me. Thank you also for providing the links for follow-up questions and diving deeper into their areas of expertise. This summit will make a difference in the way I approach
assessment, instruction, and intervention in my classroom, as well as how I collaborate with my general education colleagues and parents. All that and I am only halfway through day 1!

Kidskintha Summit Participant

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