Online Safety for kids

How safe is your child online? Monitor 6 apps on your child’s phone with a handy infographic

Do you know what your adolescent child is doing on his phone.? Media usage has increased exponentially for children between 5 and 18 years of age. […]
Child Safety | Kidskintha

Child Safety In The New Year- A Note To All Parents From A Counter-Terrorism Expert

Child safety" It's good to pray for safety but if you are not preparing for security, then you ain't serious about your family's safety.

Personal Safety Attains New Levels With This Brilliant Invention

Ever been on the bus and had the vague feeling that something is ‘not right’ with the guy behind you? You want to ignore it and […]

Now, an exclusive child-safe, child-friendly driver-on-demand! Power to the woman!

Last November, when the Delhi Uber fiasco flashed headlines on Newspapers, most of us were horrified.  We fretted about women safety. We worried about how safe […]
Stop Child Abuse

Who is to blame for child abuse?

Where have we begun to lose it? I sit here, unable to sleep after reading that account, pondering over what has started the rut? And why is it spreading unfettered?