Drop the Puck

Drop the Puck: Interview with Author Jayne Jones

"Drop the Puck: Hockey Every Day, Every Way" is the fifth book in The Official Adventures series by author Jayne J. Jones, a Minnesota native now living in Florida.

YouTuber Blippi Announces New Book Series

Blippi is a popular YouTuber who blends entertainment with education. He has just released the first two books in what will become a series.
She Loves Me All the Same

She Loves Me All the Same: Interview with Author Alisha Gaddis

“She Loves Me All the Same” is a newly published book by Alisha Gaddis that focuses on a young child and her relationship with her step-mother.
Lola the Therapy Dog

Lola the Therapy Dog: Interview with Author Marcia Goldman

Lola is a therapy dog who lives in California with her loving owner, Marcia Goldman, and a number of beloved animal siblings.
Katha Earth Carer Series: Dotted lines by Bhuri Bai

The Earth Carer Series By Katha: Using Art As A Medium For Storytelling

Katha's new Earth Carer Series uses two beautiful media- Storytelling and Art to bring home the point of caring for our planet.