Teach your kids some 'Skin Esteem'

How many of us have come across at least one of these in our lives…“Get fairer skin in 7 days!!!”

7 ways to Bully proof your kids

You pass by a hoarding screaming in your face – “Get fairer skin in 7 days!!!”

Whose terms are those anyways?

It was a usual evening; my husband and I had gone out to one of the popular restaurants in Bangalore…

Babita Jaishankar

BAJA - For the new you!

Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul. ~Alice Walker

The conundrum called ‘Education’

I blinked in surprise when my Philosophy professor posed this question in our first ever class.

A page in the life of a teenager

You pass by a hoarding screaming in your face – “Get fairer skin in 7 days!!!”

A memoir - will you love me?

I still remember the day when you were still inside me, restless and kicking!!

Simran Oberoi Multani


From a seasoned HR consultant to a passionate baker & founder of baking company…


Now I decided that she is totally , completely tuned out. Battling between giving up now to pick up on this later and persisting to try a few more times
Kids have a special relationship with their friend, Ganesha!
Its not just they who embarrass us by throwing tantrums every now and then, we do it too! Let's just be aware of this and appreciate them for their empathy:).
Apparently, one accidental mention of a ghost by a cousin and following it up with "Chota Chetan" while on vacation at their grandparents' started it all. She particularly fears that "skeleton".
Hey this is awesome man!

10 things Indian movies show us on Rape!

Sexual violence & rape has suddenly taken centerstage on TV, Social Media, office-lunch discussions, pre-meeting chit-chat…

Shaping an empathic tomorrow

I was ushering the kids out the door for their playtime when I suddenly felt a sharp, debilitating pain in my abdomen…

Terror of Consumerism

The terror of consumerism

“Please, can we go?” the pestering began. I didn’t think much of it and saw it as a Sunday afternoon well-spent drowned in artwork, so I let them.

Nidhi Kedia

BeSpoke Art- Jewellery that defines you!

You are excited about your outfit! Or, not so much!  You might have just bought that eye-catching sequined georgette sari on impulse.

Monster Mommy

Monster Mommy

The alarm goes off… I hit “snooze” a couple of times. And then I cease to know whether it stopped ringing or I just forgot to hear it.

It shouldn’t hurt to be a child- Stop Child Abuse!

All things related with ‘sex’ are never discussed with our children, even when they are clearly old enough to understand it.

The Truth about lies

A little boy, James comes home to his mother everyday and narrates the escapades of his classmate Charlie.

Terror of Consumerism

9 interesting ways to raise conscious-consumerism in kids!

Saying ‘NO” to children has not only become more difficult, it has also become strangely inevitable.

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Iam in!


Kidkuip - Slept Well


Kidkuip - Mahatma Gandhiji


Kidkuip - Broke my heart


Kidkuip - Mom breathes


Kidkuip - Not done sleeping

Done sleeping

Kidkuip - Boobs


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The unseen and the untold...

Little V was 3. He had just begun to talk complete words and incomplete sentences.

Corporal punishment - the monster that won't leave us

It’s been a little over a month that Bangalore was rocked by the shocking rape of a six-year old in an upscale school in town — during school hours.

Soul Bakers

Meet Ms. Meeta Walavalkar who will indulge you, minus the guilt.  They say, a healthy body nourishes the soul. That is exactly what she does.

Moms and Management lessons

There are things that you learn from your mom..the first words, the first steps, the first mouthfuls, the first books…Most firsts in our lives are associated with our moms.

Grit to Great

It was New Year around the corner and the air rang of ‘let-your-hair-down’ in the holiday season. It was at such a time that I got talking to a long-lost friend who had moved a couple of years ago.

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