Happy Deepavali / Diwali

Diwali is derived from the Sanskrit fusion word Dīpāvali, formed from dīpa (दीप, “light” or “lamp”[19][20]) and āvalī (आवली, “series, line, row”[21]). Dīpāvali or Deepavali thus meant a “row” or “series of lights”.[22] Tamil: தீபாவளி). Its celebration include millions of lights shining on housetops, outside doors and windows, around temples and other buildings in the communities and countries where it is observed.
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Remember the Hansel and Gretel story that you read as a child? Hansel drops all those bread crumbs to trace his way back to their father’s house only to find that the birds ate away those crumbs.

The journey of parenting involves the joy of picking up some sweet crumbs of your child’s world in his own words…

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And we wear them too!

Walk through our unique collectibles – UNIQUE- because all of them are inspired by real children across the world. And oh, don’t forget to check out the story behind each piece of merchandize!

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Our thoughts out into the world

Oodles of personal experiences clubbed with lots of research and analysis are penned down in this section. These articles have also appeared in leading spots like Huffpost, Citizen Matters, Deccan Chronicle, etc… Choose to review or add your own to the galore
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This is where the dads meet to discuss. Their perspectives and what they think the kids should learn. And yes a few nice experiences :)


This is where the dads meet to discuss. Their perspectives and what they think the kids should learn. And yes a few nice experiences :)

Media Heist

Where I dole out my ramblings to the entire world!!!


This is a collection of all those amazing, amusing, totally in-the-moment quips that only kids can come up with. Some of them have you in splits while others can make you reconsider your perspectives on the world and beyond!


Kidpsykee  will discuss the latest and the greatest discoveries, analysis, findings, trends or whatever it is- in Kid psychology. Simply out- this category will help our parenting with some solid scientific backing


Some experiences the kids wanted to share and here they are, unedited, in their own words and expressions!


Who would disagree that one of the big challenges in today’s age is to eat healthy food. A bigger challenge is to make every meal a healthy meal for your family! And the biggest of all? To make your kids eat that food!!!


Our brilliant experiences with our daughters on the many exciting trips we have done!

Write to us for planning and ideas support on where you can possibly travel with your kids!!


Everyday science and tech amazes kids. They are born with it as compared to theirs parents whose life got integrated with technology very gradually. As a part of evolution, this is an attempt to understand how kids perceive science and tech, what works for them and what doesnt. A few experiments and a lot of workshops to watch out for in this space. Let’s see if we can bring out some kidventors amidst us!

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